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Sarah's birthday is tomorrow

Alaskan Aurora Borealis. Borrowed this photo and the one of Sarah below from someone who calls herself "Smilla's sense of snow" and posts great photos to the Team Sarah site.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday, December 29, 2008

Bristol's baby born

This from People Magazine.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Caroline v Sarah from the Conservative American

Caroline and John Jr. (like Piper and Trig).
Caroline vrs. Sarah

From the Official Sarah Palin Fan Club - By Peter Andrew ConservativeAmerican.org

Syndicated columnist Jonah Goldberg is among several people pointing to the blatant hypocrisy we have written about between the treatment of Sweet Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg and Governor Sarah Palin. At least people are noticing this and writing about it.

Goldberg says, “when John McCain picked her to be his running mate, the full fury of the liberal establishment — and sizable swaths of the conservative establishment, some of whom dubbed her a “cancer” on the GOP — came down on her with a vengeance usually reserved for Klansmen and pedophiles. Don’t get me wrong: There were valid criticisms to make. But that is quite a different thing than saying all of the criticism was valid or that the intensity and volume of the criticism was warranted.”

I’m not aware of any traditional conservative Americans who came down on Sarah Palin with a vengeance. The so-called “new” conservatives (read: centrist, populist Rodney-King style) may have. However, those in our camp did not. Also, we don’t agree with Goldberg that some of the criticism was valid. We’re not saying Palin is perfect, no one is. But the criticism she faced was ridiculous.

As for Caroline,…

…Goldberg notes: “Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post has devoted two columns in as many weeks to this “fairy tale” scenario in which Kennedy, our “tragic national princess,” is finally rewarded — for her years of quiet dignity, selflessly avoiding scandal and the paparazzi — with the Senate seat that once belonged to her uncle Bobby. What’s astounding about the normally sensible Marcus’ case for “the Cinderella Kennedy” (New York magazine’s phrase) is that she doesn’t really make one, at least not on the merits. Marcus doesn’t even bother. It’s all schoolgirl gushing. The editors of The New York Times, in a more skeptical editorial, summarized her qualifications thusly: “Ms. Kennedy has much going for her. As a public figure, she carries the glamour and poignancy of her family … ” The editors then went on to describe what great liberals her dad and uncles were. That’s it.”

Meanwhile Kathleen Parker writes in the Washington Post that even the question asking if Kennedy is getting better treatment than Palin is “flawed!” No, she is not kidding. Yes, we are flabbergasted too. Here’s how she explains that the two situations are very different:

“Though they both are women, the important distinction is the power differential of the respective offices being sought.”

See? C’mon…it’s okay not to ask Caroline “real” questions, she is ONLY running to be a US Senator. Gosh, how could we have missed that? No offense Kathleen, but that is a pathetic position to take! While I’m glad you are talking about this issue, you miss the boat when you write about Caroline Kennedy:

“Suddenly, after a lifetime shunning publicity — one of her charms — Kennedy is a likely U.S. senator solely on the basis of having decided that she’d like that quite a lot.The question for detractors isn’t so much whether she’s qualified, smart enough or even experienced enough. Respectively, “no,” “yes,” and “it may not matter” are reasonable responses.”

What? Okay, “no” she’s not qualified. Agreed. “Yes” she is smart enough. Hmmmm, not so sure. And “it may not matter” if she is experienced?!! You’re kidding right? Why is it that it may not matter if a liberal is inexperienced, but lefty’s can have a national cow with the help of late night TV when they think a conservative does not have the experience? AND, even that question is silly… SHE DID have the experience!

Chris Kelly is an idiot on the H.R. Huff-n-Stuff Post and he writes about it too. However, this is his pathetic arguement as to why Caroline Schlossberg is more qualified than Sarah Palin:

“One of them has a law degree from Columbia and has co-written two critically acclaimed books about the Bill of Rights, one specifically about the Fourth Amendment. The other has a journalism degree from college in general and had this conversation with Katie Couric:

Couric: Do you think there’s an inherent right to privacy in the Constitution?

Palin: I do. Yeah, I do.

Couric: (That’s) the cornerstone of Roe v. Wade.

Palin: I do. And I believe that individual states can best handle what the people within the different constituencies in the 50 states would like to see their will ushered in an issue like that.

I know that was months ago, but my head still hurts. Palin is fanatically anti-abortion, but she obviously knows less about the legal arguments for and against Roe than she knows about life on other planets. She doesn’t know that the right to privacy implied — but not stated — by the Fourth Amendment is an argument for abortion rights. And beyond that, she doesn’t comprehend that a Constitutional right applies to you whether your mayor thinks it does or not. To understand the Constitution less than that you’d have to be a monkey.

It’s no wonder your head hurts; you’re an idiot. Stop trying to think and maybe your pain will go away. So you like Kennedy because she got a degree from a “preferred” lefty school? Hmmm. And you use Couric to show Palin is not as bright as Schlossberg? Okay, Let’s look at that interview.

Couric asks her about an “inherent” right to privacy. Chris, you seem to agree with palin’s affirmative answer when you state your belief that there is an “implied” right to privacy in the 4th ammendment. So where’s your problem with Palin? Must be after that.

So next, Couric interupts her and says that’s the cornerstone of Roe V. Wade. Palin, still answering the previous question, says “I do” again. Not hard to figure that out. Then, in response to the question (was there a question? I didn’t hear Couric ask one, maybe it was “implied”) about Roe V. Wade, she goes on. It seems quite clear to us that she was saying she believes in a right to privacy for all citizens but disagrees with the US Supreme Court decision using that “implied right” to grant a national “okay” to abortion. Even you point out, that the right to privacy is only an “arguement for” (and not the definitive answer) abortion rights. So, Palin was clear. Is that so complicated to figure out?

You may not agree with that, which is fine. Free country, remember? You obviously think “right to privacy” equalls “right to abortion” and Sarah (and I) disagree. Sarah gives a clear answer that the abortion issue should be left to States to decide and the will of the people in each state should be followed.

However, even you Chris, I thank for at least discussing the issue of the difference in treatment between Caroline Schlossberg and Sarah Palin.

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Time Magazine runner-up person of the year

Sarah Palin: From running mate to Time's runner-up
In considering her for Person of the Year, the magazine calls the Alaska governor 'a one-woman rescue team for the Republican ticket.'
By Andrew Malcolm
December 21, 2008
Completely ignoring Al Gore because he'd already won the world's other top two prizes -- the Nobel and Oscar -- and pretty well rested on his warming climate laurels this year, Time magazine has chosen Alaska's Republican Gov. Sarah Palin as a runner-up Person of the Year.

Along with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Secretary of the Treasury Henry M. Paulson Jr.

Also director Zhang Yimou.

The immense individual honors were created by the aging weekly magazine many years ago to help sell copies in a normally very slow year-end period for news and sales.

At one point in history, this issue actually made news and people talked about it, if there wasn't much else going on.

But being in Time's year-end edition can also be a dangerous distinction. Many of Time's past Persons of the Year have died after receiving the honor -- for instance, Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin. Also President Eisenhower.

Sarkozy was obviously chosen a runner-up because of his wife's beauty and his ability to get French fries back on the menu in Congress.

Paulson was chosen for reasons that have something to do with the financial mess and still being unable to identify the mortgages of dubious value but being incapable of doing that in a very quiet, behind-the-scenes kind of way that didn't cause complete market panic because no one really understands the numbers stuff anyway.

Also in recognition of Paulson's work, President-elect Barack Obama has decided to replace him with another numbers gnome.

Zhang's runner-up award needs no explanation. His accomplishments pretty much speak for themselves. So we won't.

Palin was picked because she almost single-handedly saved the Republican Party from total annihilation as its surprising vice presidential candidate.

Her selection by the old Arizona guy annoyed the nation's news media because they weren't ready and they think Washington is a qualifying experience for the White House now that Bill Clinton and the new guy have some.

So reporters wrote a lot about Palin's children and a future son-in-law and her baby with Down syndrome, and they jumped all over her effort to help salvage the 2008 women's clothing sales, as if that was a bad thing for the struggling economy.

Time calls hers "the most astonishing political debut in modern times" and says the 44-year-old mother of five -- who upset a corrupt GOP party establishment in a place many people don't ever want to visit -- was "a one-woman rescue team for the Republican ticket."

Which, you may have heard, lost anyway.

In fact, Palin's Republican National Convention speech before a record TV audience electrified the party at a somnolent time of late summer.

Time, like all print, online and broadcast media, knows the magnetic draw of Palin's mere mention among fans and foes. Putting Sarah Palin's name in a headline and adding Sarah Palin photographs draw thousands of people, even if they haven't a clue about her politics. Sarah Palin is simply great for the media business. The more photos the better too.

"Saturday Night Live" had its best ratings in 14 years the night it had the real Sarah Palin on. By golly, she just has a presence.

Time says it'll be interesting to see what happens to Palin's political evolution now and whether she emerges with a viable conservative philosophy beyond a beguiling but fiscally responsible wink.

Although many prominent Republicans campaigned for Saxby Chambliss in the recent Georgia Senate runoff, it wasn't until Palin spent a day there that Chambliss actually won easily over a Democrat endorsed by Obama and Gore.

At the same time as it announced its Person of the Year runners-up, Time also revealed its winner, the same guy Ebony already picked.

For more Top of the Ticket, go to latimes.com/ticket.

Friday, December 19, 2008

The trouble with in-laws

Great angle on Sarah' elegant beehive. In today's news the mother of Sarah's daughter Bristol's intended has been arrested on drug charges the day before the expecting Bristol's due date.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

They're promoting this video at Team Sarah

Find more videos like this on Team Sarah

My favorite recent update is still that Piper appeared at the Alaska gubernatorial mansion Christmas party in a fancy dress -- and bare feet. YES! A fellow barefoot traveler.